To remove fine particles in fumes, oil mist, etc. - Oil mist removal

For customers who have problems with oil mist removal

Soot from a machine tool
What is oil mist?
Oil mist (oil fumes) is fine particles generated when oil reaches a high temperature and evaporates.The size of the oil mist depends on the conditions of the heating, but it is between 0.1μm. and 3μm, and returns to the original oil when it condenses.
Commonly occurring oil mists
- Soot from machine tools - Hot presses - Lost-wax casting - Hot rolling

Common problems with oil mist removal・・・

Oil mist contains highly viscous super-fine particles and is characteristic in that it causes rapid clogging when it becomes attached to filters. Filter clogging in dust collectors creates maintenance labor and costs.The tendency to clog can be greatly reduced by using our filters specially designed for oil mist.

What is a filter specifically designed for oil mist?

Oil mist is highly viscous and attaches to other floating dust. This means that filter clogging is very severe, leading to problems with reduced wind power and increased maintenance costs. By using a filter specifically designed for oil mist, even nano-level oil mist continuously coagulates on the filter surface, becomes a liquid and can be recollected. White smoke is also prevented from escaping.

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