To remove fine particles such as fumes and oil mist

For customers who have problems with the removal of fine particles from fumes and oil mist, etc.

Fumes and oil mist are very fine particles, including nanoparticles, and they can increase filter clogging if they become attached to the filter. The selection of an appropriate filter is essential!

Fume removal
  • - Fumes with soot
  • - Fumes from thermal cutting with gas
  • - Fumes from thermal spraying
  • - Fumes in a metal plating factory
  • - Fumes generated by electric melting furnaces and annealing furnaces
  • - Fumes from processing FRP and plastic
  • - Diesel graphite
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Oil mist removal
  • - Soot from machine tools
  • - Hot presses
  • - Lost-wax casting
  • - Hot rolling
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Fume removal is possible in situations like the following:
Soot from machine tools,Fumes from welding,Ventilation of fumes in a factory

Three solutions to prevent filter clogging!

Key point!  The selection of an appropriate filter can prevent filter clogging in fume dust collection!

Solutions using high performance Teflon laminated filters!

Solutions using high performance Teflon laminated filters!

【Filter material】
Teflon laminate
【Filter surface area】
1.2㎡ to 41.6㎡ per filter

By using a Teflon laminated filter on our dust collectors, it is possible to remove harmful smoke and fumes generated in factories and on construction sites, etc. This is also a solution for difficult fumes, for example fumes with mist or steam mixed in. We have both compact and large-scale dust collectors to meet a wide variety of requirements.

Includes high performance filters! Improves the environment by sucking in dangerous smoke and fumes.

【Verification】 A high performance filter was attached to a test dust collector and smoke sucked in from a flare.
▼Videos of air intake tests

Solutions with custom-made filters

We will customize the filter to an appropriate surface area to prevent filter clogging. The standard setting is a ratio of 1:1 for the ratio of the filter surface area to the air volume to process. However, as corrective action for fume problems, it is possible to increase the filter surface area to achieve stable operation without clogging. We consider the situation of use that the customer requires and propose the most suitable system to meet those needs.

Solutions with filters specifically designed for oil mist

Oil mist is highly viscous and attaches to other floating dust. This means that filter clogging is very severe, leading to problems with reduced wind power and increased maintenance costs. By using a filter specifically designed for oil mist, even nano-level oil mist continuously coagulates on the filter surface, becomes a liquid and can be recollected. White smoke is also prevented from escaping.

We plan and propose dust collector one by one courteously according to customer's demand and application condition.
Custom-made dust collectors to meet your needs [Industrial Use Dust Collectors] I Series
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