Filter clogging problems

For customers who have problems with filter clogging

Filter clogging means that:
  • - Suction power soon weakens・・・
  • - Filter cleaning work is very dirty・・・
  • - The air inside the factory gets hazy and workers breathe in the dust・・・
  • - Filters need frequent replacement, making costs high・・・
  • - Frequent filter cleaning work requires manpower and is also difficult・・・
What are the solutions?
  • Key point!  Powerful! Automatic filter cleaning using supersonic impulses
  • Key point!  Large surface area!Pleated filters

Automatic cleaning of the filter with a powerful supersonic impulse to remove accumulated dust! No more filter clogging!

Our unique powerful automatic cleaning mechanism removes any dust that has accumulated on the filter, so that it never gets clogged and continuous operation is possible.

Cleaning method for our dust collectors
Cleaning method for our dust collectors

To remove dust attached to our characteristic pleated filters, a supersonic impulse (impact wave) generated by the expulsion of compressed air is applied to the filter to powerfully remove any dust that has accumulated.

Cleaning method for general bag filter dust collectors
Cleaning method for general bag filter dust collectors

Compressed air is blown into the bags and the internal pressure stretches out the creases and blows off any accumulated particles.
With this process there is a risk of scratching, the filter holes opening up or the bag falling.

In general bag filter dust collectors, the power to remove accumulated particles is weak and the filter often becomes clogged. Repeatedly removing the particles when it is already clogged increases the risk of damage.
Unlike the general bag filters, the powerful automatic cleaning method our dust collectors use enables longer filter life.

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Pleated filters are compact and have a large filter surface area!

The selection of an appropriate filter surface area is essential to prevent the clogging of the filter.
The pleated filters have the filter material folded into pleats in a cylindrical formation, meaning that they are compact but filter the air over a large surface area. This means that they have smaller volumes than general bag filters, but bigger filter surface areas, making the dust collector small and compact.

Our pleated filter (maximum size)General bag filter

At out company, our unique pleated filter is a standard specification.

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Optimal filter surface area prevents filter clogging.

Optimal filter surface area prevents filter clogging.

A ratio of 1:1 for the ratio of the air volume to process to the filter surface area is standard for our products.

The large surface area of the filter means that the filtering speed is only 0.017 m/sec. This means that there is little pressure loss in operation and the fan power (electricity consumption) operating noise can be greatly suppressed.

However, depending upon the amount and characteristics of the particles, it is sometimes better to increase the filter surface area.

The most appropriate filter material and surface area are set after investigating the customer's usage situation, in order to achieve optimal surface filtering.

The filters we have developed have a standard ratio of 1:1 for the ratio of the filter surface area to the air volume to process.

We plan and propose dust collector one by one courteously according to customer's demand and application condition.
Custom-made dust collectors to meet your needs [Industrial Use Dust Collectors] I Series
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