Ventilation in the factory is poor.

For customers who have problems with factory ventilation

Is the filter being used the optimal specification for the environment and usage situation?
  • - The air inside the plant is hazy and the work environment is poor.
  • - The air volume flowing is insufficient.
  • - Particles are leaking into the outside environment.
  • - The hoods and ducts are not the most appropriate.
What are the solutions?
Key point! We can propose the most appropriate ventilation plan for the workplace environment. Each I Series dust collector is carefully engineered to fit the customer's usage situation and requests, to make a proposal specific to each customer.

At Ryuki Engineering, we carry out the following to ensure that the optimal filter material, filter surface area and filter speed are selected:

Design of the installation layout and ducts

The layout is determined according to the installation space and attached equipment. We also provide proposals for the ducting.

Selection of fan

The capacity of the fan will differ depending upon the conditions of use, including the suction inlet, piping, ducts, etc. Please consult us - we can suggest the best solution for you.

Selection of filter material and surface area

We select the optimal filter material and filter surface area. With high performance filter material, our products can be used for contaminants such as dioxins and asbestos, medical applications and dust collection for clean rooms.

Prevention of dust explosions

- Explosion vents
- Anti-static filters with explosion-proof apparatus

Heat resistant specification

Using heat resistant filters makes dust collection possible in high temperature environments.

Heat resistant filter material: Meta-aramid Heat resistant to 200℃
Stainless steel filter material: SUS316 Heat-resistant to 400℃
Ceramic filters Heat resistant to 700℃

Anti-corrosion characteristics

- Stainless steel dust collectors
- FRP dust collectors
- Vinyl chloride pulse jet solenoid valves

Corrective action for noise

- Silencers
- Soundproofing boxes

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The high levels of cleanliness from our standard filters

The high levels of cleanliness from our standard filters

0.1 mg/m3 indicates that there is one 10,000th of a gram of particles in a one cubic meter space.

The cleanliness of air leaving our standard filters is 0.1 mg/m3 or below, achieving a high cleanliness level with the same particulate content as in the general atmosphere.

Furthermore, with PTFE filters for fine particles, air cleanliness at 0.01 mg/m3 or below is achieved, the same level as in clean rooms. These products have been adopted for use in nuclear power, space, biotechnology and precision electronics applications.

We plan and propose dust collector one by one courteously according to customer's demand and application condition.
Custom-made dust collectors to meet your needs [Industrial Use Dust Collectors] I Series
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