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We are an engineer group that sticks to "manufacturing"

Manufacturing of Ryuki Engineering

Manufacturing of Ryuki Engineering

Our company is a technological group that has the strong point in the environmental control technology centering on 'Fluid machinery' since establishment, and has about 60 patents with the application base.
A unique equipment development such as the fine particle sterilization devices also goes besides various environmental testing-proof devices in various fields such as aerospace industry, nuclear energy, and biomasses etc. are developed besides the dust collectors.
Our company sticks to the original products 'Manufacturing', and aims at 'Creation of the optimum environment', and is advancing the development of the environmental equipments.

Management philosophy

Management philosophy
As an engineering maker, we realize customer's demand and create excitements and delights more than being expected.
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Company Profile

Corporate Name Ryuki Engineering Inc.
Established May 1977
Head Office COI Hijirizaka Building, 3-4-2 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0073, Japan
Head Office
Ichihara Techno Center 1-5-21 Iwasaki-Nishi, Ichihara City, Chiba 290-0046, Japan
Ichihara Techno Center
Tsukuba Techno Center 90-1 Hanada, Chikusei City, Ibaraki 308-0114, Japan
Tsukuba Techno Center
Fukuoka office 2-9-8 kukomae, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka
Fukuoka office
Capital 40,000,000 yen
President and Representative Director Akira Nishimura
Accounting Term September
Employees 89(As of April, 2011)
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Outline of Facilities

○Ichihara Techno Center
Premises 511㎡
Plant 344㎡

Forklift 2.5t
Milling machine 1unit
Overhead crane 2.8tx3units

○Tsukuba Techno Center
Stock yard 46,261.5㎡
Office 338.6㎡
Plant 2114㎡
Tent house 360㎡
Facilities Overhead crane 5t×1, 2.8t×4, 1.5t×1, 1t×2
Goliath crane 15t×1, 10t×3, 5t×2
Traveling crane 4.8t×1
Forklift 7t×1, 3.5t×1, 3t×1, 2.5t×2, 1t×1
Generator 400KVA×4, 125KVA×1
Compressor 160ps×2
Truck 4t×3, 2t×3, 1t×1, light trucks×2

Leasing Machines in Stock

Dust Collectors 150 units Small Dust Collectors 110units
Fans 360units Blowers and Turbo Fans 700units
Fume Collectors 80units Inverter Units 360units
Cooling Equipments 10units Mobile Air Conditioner 8units
Mobile Coolers 15units Other 1500 items in total
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Description of Business

  • Design and development of fluid machine systems and pressure flow controllers
  • Installation and maintenance service of construction environmental equipments
  • Design and development of space-related ground test facilities
  • Plannning, development, and marketing of industrial machinery
  • Consulting for ventilation systems
  • Plannning, design and development of construction environmental equipments
  • Leasing and marketing of construction environmental equipments



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May 1977 Started business in Toranomon, Tokyo (Head office) and Doujima, Osaka (Osaka office).
November 1982 Registered the construction business and acquired permission from the governor of Tokyo (machine apparatus installation construction industry)
August 1983 The head office has removed from Nishimatsu building, Toranomon to 2 cho-me, Shiba
October 1988 The head office has removed from 2 cho-me Shiba to Shiba building, 5 cho-me Shiba
October 1989 Opened the Ichihara Plant
April 1998 Opened the Tsukuba Lease Center
September 1999 The Advnaced Dust Collecting Ventilation System gained the certification by the Industrial Structure Improvement Fund under the Act for Facilitating the Creation of New Business.
December 2002 Acquired capital from Tokyo Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation Corporation.
July 2004 The head office has removed from Shiba building, 5 cho-me Shiba to COI Hijirizaka building, 3 cho-me Mita
January 2007 Opened the Kyusyu district office
April 2007 The two plants were renamed the Ichihara Techno Center and Tsukuba Techno Center, respectively
April 2010 The Kyushu branch office has removed from 3 cho-me Hakataeki Higashi, Hakata-ku to 2 cho-me Kuukoumae, Hakata-ku
The Kyushu branch is renamed the Fukuoka office simultaneously
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Please contact us from here

Please contact us from here

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